With total customer satisfaction as company's quality policy objective, SSD has well-Defined quality standards and procedures that have been laid down for project management, offshore development; direct implementation process and human resources management. The operations follow implementations methodology using the document templates developed within the company by SOP departmentFor each phase of the implementations process, there are processes for inspection & reviews, documentation, configuration management and change management.Regular program based verification of adherence to SLAs is the responsibility of standard Operating Procedures (SOP) department of the company. This department is independent of others and is responsible amongst other things, for the quality assurance within the company.

As per the quality policy of the company, all deliveries are to be approved by the SOP team of the company. The SOP team, in turn, maintains its checks and balances to assure the quality of delivery. Sufficient training is imparted by the SOP team to operations to maintain the quality of delivery. Results are analyzed regularly and shared with the operations team.

Our Quality Objectives

  • To provide competitive services conforming to customer needs and expectations on time
  • To enhance the company's ability to consistently meet our customer's needs, by improving organizational and team effectiveness.